Forms of Natural Hair Restoration


Hair loss can happen to both women and men. There are very many reasons that explains why that can occur. Some of the reasons include diet, disease, as well as other particular conditions which contribute to this process. One of the commonest causes of baldness is androgenic alopecia. This is usually referred to as male pattern or female pattern baldness. Nevertheless, there is aid which is available for individuals who are balding or who have thinning hair.

Herbal solutions have for a long time been known to get results. Since the chemical makeup of everyone is different, what is effective for a certain person might not be for the other. Unfortunately, there exist no sure ways to find out whether cosmetic hair growth will be effective on someone until you try it out. Herbal solutions can be taken as pills orally. In case you do not like taking pills, you might want to see whether the supplement can be used in tea for easy digestion. Putting them to foods is the other option. Some herbal remedies can be included in shampoos or can even be applied directly to the scalp.

One of the herbal remedies is taking saw palmetto. This is a plant which grows in hot and also humid climates. Its fruit has some components which are known for combating hair loss. It has fatty acids as well as plant sterols. The extract can be applied for the treatment of both male patterns as well as female pattern baldness.

Essential oils which are used in aromatherapy are the other option. There is a belief that, the skin of the scalp can be stimulated by massaging certain oils into the scalp resulting in hair growth. Lavender is among the essential oils which are applied for this purpose.

The other choice for individuals looking for medical weight loss is the use of nettle root extract. It contains vitamins A and C and they have been proven to contribute to healthy hair. It also has a similar extract as found in saw palmetto. Folic acid as well is of great advantage to the hair. Shampoos that have rosemary and sage also are believed to possess positive effects in natural hair restoration.

Another natural remedy used is Jojoba oil, and it is applied in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis as well as dandruff. All these conditions are known to contribute to poor hair growth. This oil can impact the scalp and enhance the condition of the hair. It acts as a great moisturizer.